Friday, December 14, 2018

Finance Options at Iguana Boat Sales

Buying a boat is an exciting time. Iguana Boat Sales can help you through the entire boat buying process. From finding the perfect vessel to getting your financing squared away, the best boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks is here for you. Take a look below to learn exactly how we can help you through the entire process.

Applying for a loan through our boat dealership is easy!

The Financing Process:

The Application
Before you even look for the perfect boat, you can figure out your potential loan amount with Iguana’s online credit application. Before filling out the form, you will want to know some details about the boat you’re considering. Those details include the make, model, year, power, optional equipment and other upgrades you might consider.

The total loan amount is derived from:

Purchase price
Equipment upgrades or any additional accessories
Sales tax that must be paid at the time of purchase
Registration, title, and any other documentation expenses
After filling out all of the paperwork, you will need to sign it. This allows our financial service company to examine your credit to determine your potential loan amount.


Once you have a loan amount determined, you can then think about financing. There are several lenders available, but there are many advantages to financing your boat through Iguana and our partnered lender.

Now that you know how our boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you purchase your new vessel, you’re ready to stop by and check out our selection. Our team can assist in finding the right new boat at the Lake of the Ozarks for your unique wants and needs. Once you find the perfect boat, you’re ready to complete your purchase.

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