Thursday, December 6, 2018

Perks of Buying at a Boat Show

As we near boat show season, you may be getting excited for the upcoming boating events. From St. Louis to Kansas City, there are a few upcoming opportunities to check out the latest in boats, gear, and anything to do with the boating world. It's an exciting time of year! As we all start preparing for the 2019 season, our Lake of the Ozarks boat dealer will be in attendance at these upcoming boat shows. If you want to check out what we have to feature this coming year, be sure to mark your calendar for the boat shows! Iguana Boat Sales looks forward to seeing you and your crew at the upcoming shows!

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Reasons to Buy at a Boat Show:

Physically See What You Buy

Checking out a boat in person is a huge benefit. You can physically see and feel what you are looking at. You can get down inside a boat to check out the interior, even at a boat show. It's also a good way to see the bottom of the vessel - which is often something that can't be seen once it's in the water.

Various Models Available

Many boat dealers have a variety of boats available at each show. This gives you the chance to see the latest and greatest - all in one place. Check out a number of boat models before you make your selection.

Boat Show Pricing

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There are often times special boat show pricing available at these shows. Take advantage of these savings on an investment like a boat. You'll save big when you make a purchase at one of the upcoming shows we're attending!

One-Stop Shopping

Once you find your dream boat, you can find accessories and dock needs that go hand-in-hand with your purchase, all in one place. Many boat and dock related vendors will be at the show. This is a great way to find exactly what you need for your new boat without having to drive all over the Lake of the Ozarks to find it all!

Upcoming Boat Shows:

LOMDA Overland Park Boat Show

Jan 24, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019
Overland Park Convention Center
Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealer Association brings the lake to Overland Park in the heart of winter. See the latest 2019 cruisers, runabouts, performance boats, tritoons, ski boats, personal watercraft, docks, lifts, and all boating accessories at K.C's largest boat show.Bring the entire family to the Overland Park Convention Center, January 24th through the 27th.

LOMDA St. Charles Boat Show

Mar 07, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019
St. Charles Convention Center
The Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association wants to welcome you to the St Charles Boat Show for 2018! This is the premiere show for boating enthusiasts all over the Midwest and certainly in the St Louis market. Here you can find all the information you need on this great show. We will see you at The St Charles Convention Center March 7th - 10th!

For more information about upcoming boat shows, visit!

What are you waiting for? Make plans to attend one or both of these upcoming boat shows. It's a fun way to kick those winter blues and get out of town for a bit. Who doesn't like a fun getaway every now and then? Check out the latest and greatest from Iguana Marine Group at the upcoming boat shows. The best boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks looks forward to seeing you there!

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

🎁A Gift Guide for Boat Lovers🎁

The gift-giving season is upon us! If you're racking your brain for the perfect gift for the lake lover in your life, Iguana Boat Sales has you covered! Our boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks has some fantastic boats for sale, as well as fantastic boating gear. One of these options may make the perfect Christmas gift for that boater in your life! Take a look below for a few of the popular gift ideas we have!

Cool Your Drink

Who doesn't love to crack open a cold drink? Keep your drink cold with one of our Iguana Boat Sales drink holders. From coolers to koozies, we have a ton of fun ways to keep your drink cold. We also have Drink Dingys to help keep your drink afloat while you're chilling in the water. Enjoy your ice-cold drink aboard your boat this summer at the Lake of the Ozarks! You'll be thankful your drink is so cold on those hot summer days.

Lake Apparel Gear

Give the gift of lake gear for the water lover in your life. Help your gift recipient rock their new "lake" look through your gifts. From hats to tees to jackets, we have a wide range of apparel to meet your gift-giving needs. We have a sweet line from Lake30®! It is a unique mix of the most comfortable apparel and the fun lake necessities. Iguana Boat Sales is the only retail store at the Lake of the Ozarks that offers Lake30® products.

Chill in the Water

Does the person you're shopping for love coving out? A new floatable may be just what they need for the special occasion! From kid floaties to adult floaties, we carry a wide range of fun floatables to help you enjoy your time in the water. We also have float rafts available - which is all the craze this summer! It's a fun way for kids, dogs, and kids at heart to play on top of the water!

Get Adventurous with a Towable

We have a ton of towables available at our retail store. From tubes to skiis to wakeboards, we have your hook up for all things watersports! We even have the latest and greatest in wakeskate. If the person you are buying a present for loves to get active on the water, there are many opportunities to give a new towable gift!

If you're looking to really wow your gift recipient, we have boats for sale in Osage Beach, MO, as well. Stop by today to check out our selection of new and pre-owned boats, as well as our wide range of boating gear. We can help you find the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your list!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Major Benefits of Owning a Pontoon

Are you looking for a new boat the entire family can enjoy?  If you love spending time out on the water as much as we do, it may be time to buy a new boat at the Lake of the Ozarks! While the best boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks has a ton of options available, this week we're spotlighting pontoons. If you're interested in this unique boat, take a look below to learn more about a pontoon's great features!

Lots Of Space

Pontoons make great family boats because there's lots of space to spread out and relax or have fun and run around. Traditional boats don't have the space that pontoons have. There is room to move around, large couches and sometimes they come with a table, which is perfect for kids to use to play with their toys or enjoy a lunch. Old kids love pontoons too because there's enough room for them to invite their friends and still have plenty of room for everyone.

Perfect For Activities

Although pontoons have a reputation for being slow-moving and perfect for enjoying a lazy day out on the Lake (however, who doesn't love those?), that isn't necessarily true anymore. Pontoons have been redesigned with speed in mind. If your family loves to have fun playing with towables, you may need to consider a pontoon! Pontoons are great in the fact that they are so versatile, so whether you love to take it easy and fish or speed on down the Lake, pontoons got it covered.

Easy To Maintain

Pontoons are made of aluminum, which helps prevent tearing and ripping. Boating on the Lake of the Ozarks brings relatively few risks to your boat, but shallow waters, especially when launching and removing a boat, put your boat at risk. A dent is much easier to repair than a tear or hole, and your boat isn't immediately out of commission for the repair. In addition to being sturdier, cleaning a pontoon is much easier too! Ski boats and luxury yachts at the Lake of the Ozarks come with a gel coating that needs to be wiped down to keep that sleek and pristine look. Pontoon boats, made of aluminum, can be loaded onto the trailer and driven away - a pontoon boat looks good air dried!

Pontoons are a great watercraft for families and friends who boat at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here at Iguana Boat Sales, we carry the best pontoons at the Lake of the Ozarks. We know how important it is to find a pontoon with the right features and quality for your friends and family to have endless opportunities for summer fun out on the water. Stop by today to check out our current selection of pontoons for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

❄️Tips to Protect Your Dock & Boat this Winter❄️

With the frigid temperatures that are upon us, it's time to be thinking about dock and boat protection. Freezing temps can wreak havoc on your boat, as well as your dock. As the best boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks, we're here to help! We want to share some tips to help you better prepare for the harsh winter months that are ahead.

Safety Remove Snow & Ice

If you decide to remove snow or ice from your dock, it is important that you are extra cautious when doing so, as it could be dangerous. Not only could you slip and fall into the frozen waters, but the added weight from the snow and ice could cause the dock to collapse. Falling into freezing water can cause hypothermia to set in quickly, which could rob the body of the ability to perform basic tasks that could leave you helpless in the water. Always use caution when around water during the wintertime.

Secure Dock

Winter weather can be hard on your dock. If your dock is not secured enough, large chunks of ice could damage it, make it crash into the shore or break it free. Inspect your hardware and make sure everything is secure. It is also important to note that icy conditions could weaken dock cables so you may need to repair or replace them once spring rolls around.

Inspect Dock Wiring

Winter storms could cause electrical damage in your dock. In addition, the strong winds and ice could damage the wires. It's important to be cautious when dealing with wires and to treat them as if they are live, even if the power is not on. If your dock experienced electrical damage, it is best to shut the power off and contact an electrician. A professional electrician can come out and inspect your dock for you.

Don't Forget Your Boat

It's important to winterize your boat the Lake of the Ozarks. The winterization process drains any fluids out of your vessel to help protect the engine and other mechanical components. These fluids could freeze inside your boat and cause important mechanical components to crack or malfunction. Help protect your investment by scheduling your boat winterization with Iguana Boat Sales today!

Now that you know how to protect your dock and boat this winter, you're ready to take action. As you take steps to protect your dock, don't forget to get your boat winterized. Iguana Boat Sales can help! We can even haul out your boat, winterize your boat at the Lake of the Ozarks, and store it! We're your one-stop for everything boat maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Tips for Cold-Weather Fishing

The cold weather is officially here! We know there's a lot of dedicated fishers out there and this blog's for you! Fishing during the cold weather a great time - with the right preparations. As the best boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know a little something about boats - fishing boats included. Here at Iguana Boat Sales, we want to keep all of our dedicated fishers safe and warm this fall and winter with these cold-weather fishing tips!

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is one of the best ways to stay warm while fishing. Each piece of clothing traps a layer of insulating air, which helps you stay warm. In addition, as the temperature or activity level changes, you can shed a layer at a time until you're comfy again.

Wear a Hat

Did you know that we lose a majority of our body heat through our heads? Wearing a hat, especially one that covers your ears, can make a huge difference in keeping you warm while out on the Lake. No matter what type you wear, whether it is a wool hat or a baseball cap, having something on your head will keep you toasty longer.

Make your Feet Cozy

Putting on a thick pair of wool socks sounds like a good idea when it's freezing out, however, make sure you're not squeezing your feet into too tight of boots. If you want to wear thick socks while out on your boat, consider going up a size or size and a half to encourage more circulation and trap more air in the layers of socks.

Keep your Fingers Toasty

Although gloves are a great way to keep your hands nice and warm, they tend to keep in the way when boating. While fishing, it is nearly impossible to tie on a lure or hook with big, bulky gloves. Luckily, there are all sorts of lightweight gloves on the market today that make these tasks so much easier.

Block The Wind

Windproof jackets and pants help keep the air from penetrating your layers. The more breathable the fabric, the better, as they let perspiration out, which keeps you warm and dry.

Now that you know how to better prepare for your next trip fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks, you're to plan your next excursion. If you're interested in a new fishing boat near Osage Beach, MO, we've got the hookup! Stop by Iguana Marine Group today to check out our current selection of fishing and recreational boats for sale!

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Featured Cruisers Yachts For Sale

Our Lake of the Ozarks boat dealer is proud to offer Cruisers Yachts to our customers. These cruisers are made in the USA and offer high quality with luxury features. It's a win-win! Iguana Boat Sales has provided some details on the Cruisers Yachts company, as well as some of our featured Cruisers Yachts for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks!

About Cruisers Yachts:
Our Cruisers Yachts and Sport Boats are more than just boats — they're family. From the unrivaled quality, style, and luxury of a Cruisers Yacht to our fast and stylish, smooth and comfortable Cruisers Sport Boats, you'll never want to head back to the dock. We invite you to meet our entire family of Fly Yachts, Cantius Yachts and Express Yachts along with our full offering of Sport Series Bow Rider and Express boats, including our South Beach Edition Bow Riders and Palm Beach Edition Bow Riders.

Evidently the Thompson brothers' commitment to finely crafted, high-quality yachts is alive and well. The unique culture they created in Wisconsin is continued today by more than 450 employees in four area Oconto plants. The country's foremost manufacturer of wood lapstrake boats in the 20th century has become one of the world's premier providers of midsize to luxury pleasure yachts for the 21st century.

Cruisers Yachts For Sale:

60′ Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius

Stock #:  1990
Year:  2018
LOA:  59′ 10″
When you step aboard the 60′ Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius, the possibilities are endless. Luxurious and comfortable, powerful and elegant, the 60 Cantius is versatile at every turn. With spacious quarters above and below deck, you can spend more time on the water than ever before. Along with the standard amenities, the 60 Cantius boasts a style and charm that cannot be matched.

50′ Cruisers Yachts 50 Cantius

Stock #: 1755
Year:  2018
LOA:  49′ 5″
This 50′ Cruisers Yachts 50 Cantius
 is the perfect fit. The perfect marriage of luxury and function in a space that accommodates you, friends and family in unexcelled comfort. It’s the perfect yacht to compliment your lifestyle – a refuge to relax and ride the waves, leaving your cares on land. The Cruisers 50 Cantius is perfect for both weekend adventures and extended trips, offering every amenity you could ask for at sea, including refined staterooms, sophisticated heads and plenty of space for entertainment.

43′ Cruisers Yachts 42 Cantius

Stock #:  New Order
Year:  2018/2019
LOA:  43’2″
Serenity. Elegance. Sophistication. The 43′ Cruisers Yachts 42 Cantius
is the ultimate relaxation destination. Bask in state-of-the-art amenities and set your sights on the horizon inside as well as on deck through the 360* windows and retractable roof. Stay at sea as long as your heart desires- everything you need is onboard. Satisfy your appetite in the full galley, play and sunbathe on the spacious deck, and retreat to the tranquil staterooms to slumber after sunset.

Now that you know a little more about this American company and some of the featured Cruisers Yachts we have available, you're ready to come check them out! Stop by the best boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks to get a glimpse of these beauties up close and personal. Our sales team can help show you around and assist in finding the perfect boat for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks for your unique wants and needs.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Winterize Your Boat This Fall

It's that time of year again. As fall is in full bloom - it's time to be thinking about winterizing your boat at the Lake of the Ozarks, if you haven't already. Winterizing your vessel is vital - especially in our area when temperatures drop below freezing on a regular basis through the winter. Iguana Boat Sales offers a few different ways we can help you prepare your boat for the off season. Check them out below. 

1. Clean it

Regular cleaning is an important part of protecting your watercraft. There are several things you can do to protect your investment from rinsing the outside of the boat to wiping down the seats. At Iguana Boat Sales, we offer boat buff and wax and detailing. If your boat needs a little more TLC, we offer bottom paint, canvas repair and vinyl repair. 

2. Cover it

One of the best ways to protect your watercraft over the winter months is to make sure it's covered. In fact, any time your boat is not being used for a period of time, it's best to have it covered. This helps protect the interior of your boat from the elements. 

3. Store it

There are several ways to store your boat during the winter season. No matter if you decide to keep your boat on land or in the water, it's important to make sure you're storing it correctly. Proper storage can help protect your boat from the elements as well as make sure it's ready for the next summer season of fun. 

Winterize Services At Iguana Boat Sales

Winterizing your boat is a great way to ensure your boat will be protected all winter long. When you take your boat to Iguana Boat Sales, you don't have to worry about winterizing your boat yourself, which could leave room for error. At our Lake of the Ozarks boat service company, our expert service staff will make sure all the proper steps are taken during the winterization process, so you know your boat will be stored properly during the off-season.  If you have purchased a boat from us within the last 2 years, don't forget to also schedule your warranty inspection. 

Our technicians are factory trained and certified to ensure great customer service. Whether you need routine maintenance or an engine rebuild, our staff will have you back on the water enjoying our beautiful lake in no time. Our staff also offers 100 plus years of experience. Not only can we service new boats but our technicians are experienced servicing boats 10+ years old. Call 573-355-5027 Ext. 7020 to schedule your boat winterization at the Lake of the Ozarks today!

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