Wednesday, December 30, 2015

3 Reasons to Buy a Pontoon from Iguana

Aqua Patio Pontoons are perfect for your family outings!
Does your family love getting out on the water? Maybe you want to invite your friends down for a weekend of lounging and laying out in the cove. A pontoon boat may be the perfect option for you! With plenty of legroom and passenger/cargo room, a pontoon can make a good weekend with your friends and family even better! The Lake of the Ozarks' best marine dealership sells the best brands in pontoons - Aqua Patio, SanPan, and SweetWater. Here are 3 of the best reasons to get a pontoon for your family this summer!

1. Tons of Room

Let's face it, young children never sit still! Little kids want space to run around and be kids. On a traditional boat, that doesn’t make for an enjoyable trip. On a pontoon, there is room for them to move, couches everywhere and sometimes even a table for them to play on with their toys. As your kids get older, they can invite their friends out on the pontoon and you'll have plenty of room! No more worries about what your teenager is doing, they'll be on the boat with you.

2. Do You Like to Fish/Ski?

What do you want your boat to do? If “a little bit of everything” sounds like your answer, then the pontoon is the best choice! The platform of a pontoon boat adds the perfect space to fish from. The boat is stable so it doesn’t spook fish and has ample room to walk all around the boat to fish in different locations. A pontoon can even have a full enclosure, with a heater inside to fish through the cold winter months. For skiing, a pontoon boat fits nearly as many people as you want to invite. With all the guests on board, watching for a downed skier is much easier.

3. Pontoons are Easy to Maintain!

Pontoons are made of aluminum, which helps prevent tearing and ripping. Boating on the Lake of the Ozarks brings relatively few risks to your boat, but shallow waters, especially when launching and removing a boat, put your boat at risk. A dent is much easier to repair than a tear or hole, and your boat isn't immediately out of commission for the repair.

Cleaning a pontoon is much easier too! Ski boats and luxury yachts at the Lake of the Ozarks come with a gel coating that needs to be wiped down to keep that sleek and pristine look. Pontoon boats, made of aluminum, can be loaded onto the trailer and driven away - a pontoon boat looks good air dried!

26' SweetWater Premium Edition 240-4

Pontoons are the perfect watercraft for families and friends at the Lake. Iguana Boat Sales carries the best pontoon boats at the Lake of the Ozarks because we understand the importance of having a great time on the water. Come to our boat showroom and look for the boat that fits you and your family, and leave with a watercraft that will make the summertime at the Lake of the Ozarks even more fun!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Iguana Will be at the Overland Park Boat Show!

The Overland Park Boat Show is the biggest boat show in the Kansas City area. The Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association (LOMDA) brings the best marine dealers at the Lake of the Ozarks to the heart of Kansas City.  The boat show takes place over the first weekend of the new year, and your most trusted boat dealership at the Lake will be present as a vendor. This is one boat show you won't want to miss!

When/Where is the Event?

The Overland Park Boat Show will be held at the Overland Park Convention Center from January 7th, 2016 to January 10th, 2016. The daily times are:

Thursday, Jan 7th    3 pm - 9 pm
Friday, Jan 8th        12 pm - 10 pm
Saturday, Jan 9th    10 am - 9 pm
Sunday, Jan 10th    10 am - 5 pm

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How Much is Admission?

Prices for Adults are $9.00, and Children aged 6 - 12 are $5.00. Children 5 and under get in free.

Your admission to the boat show gives us the ability to give back to the community! A portion of each adult admission will be donated to the Kids' Harbor Child Advocacy Center.

Who Will Be There? 

While almost 60 companies will represent their brands at the Overland Park Boat Show, Iguana will stand apart as the best boat dealership in Mid-Missouri. Our expert sales staff will discuss all the different aspects of owning a boat at Lake of the Ozarks, including dock installation, boat & dock security, boat loan applications and purchasing a boat. We'll highlight boats like the 54' Cruisers Yachts 540 Sports Coupe that offer power, performance, and sleek visual appeal, as well as boats dedicated to watersports, such as the Malibu 25' 25SLV. You won't want to miss the opportunities at this boat show!

Need More Information?

LOMDA has multiple ways to stay up to date and connected to the boating community. Join their mailing list to have newsletters and up to date information sent straight to your email! LOMDA is also on Facebook, keeping you regularly updated on information regarding their boat shows and events.

Phone: 573-480-2300

Iguana Would Love to See YOU at the Overland Park Boat Show!

Iguana represents the best brands in boating at Lake of the Ozarks. We'll be showcasing a wide assortment of our accessories as a vendor at the first boat show of 2016. Come out and see us while we promote our brands and enjoy the biggest boat show in Kansas City!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Boat Slip

So you've finally purchased your dream boat from the most trusted boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks. The next step is to choose the right boat storage option. During the winter, you can winterize and cover the boat, storing it on land for safe keeping, but in the summertime, you'll want a slip so the boat can stay in the water for easy access. Here at Lake of the Ozark's best boat dealership, we've put together 3 tips to keep in mind when choosing the right slip for your new recreational vehicle.

Slip Size

Choosing the right slip size is important. You'll want a slip that not only fits your boat, but also gives it some play room to rock with the water without damaging the dock, or the boat. A good slip should give your boat 2-4 feet of room for width, and it should be at least 2 feet longer than your boat's length.

Water Depth

Your boat carries a lot of weight. This can lower the boat's hull in the water significantly. When you're choosing a slip, make sure to take the depth of the water into account. Storing your boat further out on the dock could prevent hull/lift damage and keep your boat safe from the lake floor.

Lift Type

Tying your boat to the slip and walking away leaves your boat in a risky position. Rough waves or a storm could rock the dock and damage your boat! Getting a lift can keep your boat suspended above the water when not in use. Here are a few things to consider when choosing one:

1. The lift should be capable of lifting your boat, and extra weight. If you choose a lift with a maximum weight limit equal to the weight of your boat, you won't be able to load the boat until it's in the water. Make sure your lift can handle fuel, cargo and people in addition to the boat's weight.

2. Choosing which brand of boat lift is something our boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you with. We know the best local companies and can assist you in determining your options.

3. Have an authorized dealer install your boat lift to save you time and give you peace of mind that it is installed correctly. They will make sure your lift is drawing the right amount of power and will have no issues lifting/lowering your boat.

Iguana Can Help You with ALL Your Boating Needs

Buying a boat at Lake of the Ozarks can be an amazing experience. The sales staff at Iguana Boat Sales understand that when you walk into our showroom, you could be a first-time buyer or a seasoned captain; we cater to your needs to make this experience one of a kind. Do you need help choosing a slip? The best boat dealership in Missouri can help you pick out the one that fits you and your brand new boat.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Obtaining Your Boater's Safety Education Certificate

Safety is the most important aspect of boating for you and your family. Getting your Missouri boaters safety license is an important step to take before hitting the Lake this spring. The #1 boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks recommends brushing up on boater's safety tips even if you aren't required to obtain a license. You can never be too safe - especially after investing in a brand new boat! Here are some things you can do to study for your Missouri boater's safety exam!

Who needs a Boater's Safety Certification?

The Missouri Water Patrol Requires everyone who is born after January 1st, 1984 to obtain a Certification for Boater Safety before they can safely operate a watercraft in Missouri. However, it is highly encouraged for everyone to study and take the course so that all boaters are as safe as possible on the water.

What's in the Course?

The boater's safety course covers many aspects of safe watercraft travel and entertainment, from checking your vessel for any maintenance problems to understanding the right-of-way passage for other boats. There are 6 total units of study. We've compiled a list below that briefly details each field:

1. Before Getting Underway

 This chapter is all about getting to know your boat, including an overview of boats, types of engines, fueling the watercraft, knot tying, and maintenance.

2. Getting Out on the Water 

In this section, you'll learn how to put the boat in the water. You'll also become familiar with slipping off the trailer, navigation in day/nighttime conditions using sight/sound signals, and navigation rules. 

3. Navigation & Safe Operation 

Understanding how to safely navigate the waterways is this chapters focus. It covers anchoring, navigation systems, changing water levels, ignition safety, and avoiding jet stream/propeller strike injuries.

4. Missouri's Legal Requirements of Boating 

Missouri has its own laws governing the waterways. This chapter covers boating identification, who can operate the vessel, unlawful operation, and rules regarding personal flotation devices/safety concerns.

5. Boating Emergencies

This chapter summarizes proper risk management, rescue techniques, avoiding collisions, running aground, Injuries, and summoning help. 

6. Enjoying Water Sports

Finally, the study guide will cover the responsibilities of the boat operator, fishing, hunting, skiing, tubing, and paddle craft operation.

Taking the Test

As you study each chapter, you'll have the opportunity to take quizzes to make sure you have the information down before moving on to the next chapter. It may seem slow moving and take some time to finish, but the information can save your boat and even your life! After you finish studying and are ready to take the test, make sure you have plenty of time -  you only have 2 chances to take the final. The test is long, usually taking around 3 hours to complete. If you fail the second time, you must take the entire course over again.


The good news is that until you pass the course it is entirely free. Once passed, you pay $24.50 for the course fee, and you are given immediate access to a temporary certification card. If you want a permanent card to keep on your person, there is an additional $17.00 state fee. The boaters safety education certificate is good for life, so if you lose your card, no worries, just visit the State Water Patrol's website and fill out the online form.

Iguana Wants Everyone to be Safe at the Lake of the Ozarks!

We love our customers and their safety is our top priority. The best marine dealership in Lake of the Ozarks has seen marked improvement in the capabilities of individuals who take the boaters safety exam. We want to make sure that when you purchase a boat from us, you can enjoy it years from now - that means practicing safer boating, and learning the rules of the water. 

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Finance Your Boat Through Iguana!

Buying a boat has more steps than simply walking into the showroom with cash in hand. There's paperwork to fill out, loan options to consider, and opportunities to discuss accessories as well. Buying a boat is a lot like purchasing a house - it's an investment. The best boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you find the best watercraft and finance it as well. Read through the process of financing a boat below, and you'll see why Iguana is the perfect boat dealership in Missouri!

The Application 

Iguana has an online credit application that potential buyers can use to determine their loan amount before they step foot inside the showroom. Before filling out the paperwork, you'll want to research all the details about the boat you're considering such as make, model, year, power, optional equipment and any upgrades.

 The total loan amount is derived from:
  • Purchase price
  • Equipment upgrades or additional accessories 
  • Sales tax that must be paid at the time of purchase
  • Registration, title, or documentation expenses
You will need to sign your application, which will allow our financial service company to examine your credit to determine your eligibility. Once complete, we're nearly ready to sign over the boat!


Once we've determined the loan amount, we need to determine how you're financing your boat. There are several lenders available, but the advantages to financing your boat through Iguana and our partnered lender are outstanding! Some of the advantages include:
  • An established line of trust with our lenders that allows us to give you prime interest rates and a better deal for your payment option. 
  • Possibility to attach your extended warranty to your payment. 
  • We are partnered with some of the best brands in boating, and this relationship with the manufacturers allows us to give you some outstanding discounts when purchasing their brands, including limited time 0% interest rate opportunities, low-interest payments and delayed first payment options.


Iguana Boat Sales also acts as a brokerage for individuals looking to sell their vessel. We can help you find the perfect boat, negotiate the sale, and complete the purchasing process. It's our job to make sure the transaction goes through smoothly, so you don't have any issues in purchasing your dream boat.

Iguana is All Inclusive When it Comes to Purchasing the Boat of Your Dreams!

It's our job to make sure you leave our showroom with the perfect boat. We have the #1 boat dealership at the Lake of the Ozarks; that title comes from understanding what our customers want, and making it a reality. Stop by our showroom, and let our friendly staff walk you through the entire boat-buying process with patience and professional guidance.

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