Friday, December 1, 2017

Keep Your Dock Safe This Winter

Winter at the Lake of the Ozarks can take a toll on docks with heavy snow and frozen-over covers. Iguana Boat Sales wants dock owners to know that there are steps they can take to ensure their dock is protected throughout the winter weather. To make sure your new boat at the Lake of the Ozarks has a home next summer, follow these tips from the best boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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Check Your Dock

Before the winter weather hits, it’s important to closely inspect your dock and to make any minor repairs. You should check your lift to make sure there aren’t any weak spots. If you’re unsure of what to look for, you should consider hiring a professional to inspect your dock. This is also a great time to clean the surface of your dock. Remove any dirt, debris, algae or fungus. After you clean the surface, you can check the wood’s surface to see if you need to resurface it. You can also apply a de-icer to prevent any winter ice from damaging the wood.

Be Aware of Wires

Snow and ice storms throughout the winter can cause electrical damage within your dock. Wind is also another factor you need to watch out for. It’s important to be cautious and aware when dealing with wires – you should treat them as if they are live, even if the power is not on. If your dock experiences electrical damage, it’s best to shut the power off and contact a professional. A professional electrician came come out and inspect your dock and determine whether or not it’s safe.

Snow & Ice Removal

If you decide to remove any snow or ice from your dock yourself, it’s important to be extra careful when doing so because it can be dangerous. Not only could you slip and fall into the freezing water, but the added weight from the snow and/or ice could cause any part of the dock to collapse. 

Make Sure Your Dock Is Secure

Winter weather of any kind can be hard on your dock. If your dock is not secured enough, large chunks of ice could damage it, make it crash into the shore, or even cause your dock to break free. It’s important to inspect your hardware and make sure everything is secure. Icy conditions can weaken dock cables which means you may need to repair or replace them once spring rolls around.

Your Lake of the Ozarks Boat Dealer

Winter weather may be hard on your dock, but hopefully, these tips will help protect your dock through winter to provide you with a summer full of fun. If you are needing a new boat, the best boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks can help! Our knowledgeable staff at Iguana Boat Sales can help you find the perfect boat to suit your lifestyle. Visit our showroom in Osage Beach or our website to see what boats we have available. We look forward to helping you prepare for a great summer! 

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