Friday, March 11, 2016

Get Your Boat Dewinterized and Back in the Water

The season is almost here and you are probably anxious to get your boat ready for the water again.  If your boat was properly winterized for the cold weather months, de-winterizing should be easy. You will want to make sure everything is in working order by getting a full inspection of some vital parts. Iguana Boat Sales can do a full inspection and de-winterize your boat to ensure safety and fun on the water. Here is a list of parts we check when de-winterizing your boat:

We check Your Engine from Top to Bottom

A thorough check of the engine is essential when de-winterizing your boat, including an oil change. Long periods of inactivity causes the oil to drain down over a period of time. We check all of your oil including the out-drive oil as well. We make sure your engine is clean and ready for you to start the engine. We also replace the oil filter if needed and put the right oil additive in to keep your engine clean and corrosion free.

The Battery

During de-winterization, we check the battery and top off fluids if necessary. During the season, you should check your battery water level often…a dry battery will not hold a charge. We can use a battery tester to check the amps and volts. If the battery does not hold a charge, we have replacement batteries available. We will also clean any corrosion from the battery terminals if needed

The Cooling System

We will fill your cooling system to the proper level. If it was not drained for the winter, we can replace the cooling fluid with fresh coolant. We also check all hoses and empty the strainer.
The Gas Tank

While the cooling system is drained to winterize a boat, the fuel tank should have been filled up to prevent moisture from forming. Freezing temperatures can easily crack fuel lines. We will change your fuel filter if needed. If you did not put an additive in the gas to prevent water contamination and fuel separation before winter, then we can drain the old gas from the fuel tank and make sure a quality non-ethanol containing additive is suggested to prevent damage from E10 gas.   

The Distributor and Belts

We will clean and replace the distributor as needed and ensure all connections are hooked up properly.

We check all of your boat's belts and replace any worn belts. Belts should give slightly, but not significantly. If we see any soot near the pulleys, it also means some wear/tear and we can replace any that may give you trouble later in the season.

Let Iguana Boat Sales Service Your Boat for Spring

Iguana Boat Sales has a trained and certified service, parts, and detailing department. We can get your boat at Lake of the Ozarks dewinterized for spring. Contact their service department at (573) 355-5027 (Ext. 7013) to schedule your appointment and get your boat back in the water.

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