Friday, August 9, 2019

Routine Maintenance with Iguana Marine Group

Your boat sees a lot of action in the summer months. Our marine maintenance department at the Lake of the Ozarks is here for all of your boating needs. We strive to provide the best for our customers and our maintenance department is no different! Getting your boat serviced throughout the year is important to help prevent issues before they prevent you from enjoying your boat on the lake this summer. Check out our routine maintenance options to keep your boat running in tip top shape.

About Our Routine Maintenance:

We want to keep you out on your boat this summer and fall and that's why we offer routine maintenance to allow your boat to be serviced when you aren't planning on using it! Based on your type of equipment and boat use, we can recommend a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual service program. Contact our service department today to have your vessel evaluated so we can help you establish the right maintenance program for your unique boating needs.

Fall Preventative Maintenance:

The heat of summer is still in full swing but the temps will start cooling off before we know it! Iguana Marine Group can help you prepare your boat for the end of season when the time comes. Start planning your fall maintenance now that way you can get your boat serviced in a timely manner before the temps drop too low and cause damage to your boat!

Fall Winterization Service

Leave your winterization to the experts! Let us get your boat ready for winter. Our experienced technicians will flush the engine, drain the engine block, and protect it with antifreeze.

Oil & Filter Change

Changing the oil on your boat is essential to the life of your boat engine, keeping it clean and running smoothly. Our oil service includes changing your oil and replacing your oil filters (when needed) on engines and generators.

Drive Transmission Service

Caring for your single engine drive will prolong the life of your boat. Service includes inspection of the drive system components, checking the steering, and replacing seals and lube by our experienced technicians.

Transmission Service

A marine transmission is a hardworking, yet often ignored a piece of equipment. Scheduling regular preventative maintenance appointments with Iguana Marine Group will help extend the life of your transmission and keep your boat running smoothly.

Avoid a major break down out on the water when your boat has regular maintenance and service checks performed. We are your experienced marine repair service at the Lake of the Ozarks. Contact Iguana Marine Group to schedule your regular maintenance checks and go ahead and get on the books for your fall winterization!

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