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Schedule of Events for the 30th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

It’s that time of year again and we are all getting pumped up about the 30th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout! There are a TON of events surrounding this boating event at the Lake of the Ozarks. The Shootout festivities take place from August 18th – 26th. This is a great opportunity to get out on the boat and enjoy boat races from the comfort of your boat OR to attend this thrilling event on land at Captain Ron’s. Iguana Boat Sales has you covered for everything you need to know before you head out to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. Take a look at the schedule of events below!

Annual Mini Shootout

Aug 18, 2018 - Aug 19, 2018
The Mini-Shootout is where remote-control boats a fraction of the size of powerboats race at speeds in the triple digits! These races are thrilling to watch as the machines go faster than many of the big boats ten times their size at the Shootout! On August 18-19, Mini Shootout racers go head-to-head against each other, reaching speeds of over 100 mph in six different classes, with Splash Runs, Bracket Racing, Exhibition Races and Powder Puff Racing. Check out the schedule online for Class Runs, the Bounty Race and Top Gun racing times. Races are held in front of the Ha Ha Tonka Springs.

The Great Shootout Treasure Hunt

Aug 20, 2018
Storm the beach to dig up family fun and tons of buried treasure. The Great Shootout Treasure Hunt brings hundreds of kids and parents together to build memories and comb the beaches of Captain Ron’s at 5 p.m., Monday, Aug. 20, 2018.

Shootout Volleyball Tournament

Aug 21, 2018
Join in the fun at the Beach Volleyball Tournament at Captain Ron's Bar & Grill from Noon to 8:00 pm. Hit the sand at this outdoor sand volleyball court and make new memories with your teammates! It should be a fun day!

Shootout Hall of Fame Dinner & Induction

Aug 21, 2018
The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Hall of Fame Dinner is a special time to honor those who have shaped the Shootout. The dinner is being held on August 21, 2018 at the Stables at Cannon Smoked Saloon in Sunrise Beach. Everyone is welcome to come celebrate 30 years of Shootout and to honor the inductees.

Shootout On The Strip Street Party

Aug 22, 2018
The “Shootout on the Strip” is a fun, family event where over 5,000 people come to see your boat up close and personal on the Historic Bagnell Dam Strip! Feel free to bring along photos or pictures of your boat to autograph for the kids!

Wish Upon A Ride Powerboat Rides presented by “OAK STAR”

Aug 23, 2018
Power Boats will be returning to the Lake of the Ozark’s Shootout this year and while here, many of the performance boaters will be giving power boat rides to kids and families dealing wih serious illness and disabilities.

Shootout PolyLift & LakeExpo Poker Run

Aug 24, 2018
Stop at a number of waterfront restaurants and venues throughout the day on this unique Poker Run. It’s a great way to gear up for the races and a great excuse to get out and enjoy a beautiful day on the lake!

30th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

Aug 25, 2018 - Aug 26, 2018
The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, held at Captain Ron's Bar & Grill and the 33MM-34.5MM, will bring top powerboat racers and off shore racing power boats from across the country, topping 200 MPH. The largest unsanctioned boat race in the Midwest with over 100 racers and 100,000 spectators. Proceeds will benefit the Lake Area Rescue Teams, and other charitable organizations!

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Now that you know all about the exciting Shootout events in which you can participate, you’re ready to decide which events you’ll attend. As the best boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks, we want you to stay in the know about all of the upcoming events about the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in 2018! It’s an exciting event and we’re thrilled to be able to share the schedule with you!

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