Friday, January 29, 2016

Iguana's Featured Boat Brand - AXIS

Iguana Boat Sales offers several brands of boats- each of them crafted to perfection and designed for specific kinds of boaters. This week, we're going to showcase one of our brands that is dedicated to watersports - Axis. Let's take a look at this boating line from Malibu and see how it went from as a one of a kind lineup to dominating the North American market helping Malibu command 35% of the market.

Who is AXIS?

Axis Wake Research is an independent boating line from Malibu boats, designed from completely original concepts. Axis was created to get more people on the water in performance boat at a sweeter price. The boats are designed from specifications by pros in the watersports world and top of the line watercraft engineers from Malibu.

Boats by AXIS

Axis Boats are designed for those looking for a performance watercraft. You can find the perfect model that fits your boating needs and customize it to your specifications. 


"Sickest 20-foot boat in watersports history." The A20 has been redesigned and built to maximize waves and wakes.  This watercraft is designed for high-speed handling and maneuverability. It features our revolutionary Surf Gate, designed to create larger waves than ever.
Axis A22


"Monster wakes and waves come standard." The redesigned 22' A22 has a hull that helps maximize wake/wave production, and comes complete with seating for 15 people and a control panel that allows the driver to dial into the perfect speed - every time.


"Built for enthusiasts and families looking for space, performance and versatility." This 24' watercraft holds more people and stores more gear than all the other watercraft in the A-series lineup. Responsive handling and a new hull give this performance watercraft a fresh yet familiar feel.


Tradition meets contemporary design with the Axis T22. If you prefer a traditional bow style but want updated technology and performance, the T22 is for you. With the Surf Gate and auto-set Wedge, you can carve waves all day! The T22 delivers the best wakeboarding and wakesurfing experience on the water today.


Axis' answer to customer demand, the T23, is the bigger brother to the T22. At 23' and holding 16 people, this watercraft is built for those who want maximum versatility, and performance in a bigger traditional-bow boat. 

Iguana and AXIS Combined

Iguana is the exclusive dealer for Axis at the Lake of the Ozarks. We carry their flag with us, providing an amazing experience for those looking to get the most out of their watercraft. The best boat dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks offers both Malibu and Axis boats online and in our showroom. Come out and see the incredible watercraft Iguana has to offer TODAY.

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